Can This Chef Recreate My Childhood Cookie? • Tasty



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    "Maybe one day Rie, when you and I are eighty years old, we'll just make cookies together."
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    Opublikowany 10 dni temu


    1. Francisco Dans

      Why are these people cooking in what looks like a startup garage? Tasty ffs use some of your youtube millions and get a decent test kitchen.

    2. Yap Kai Xin

      Wait niki is from Singapore 😱😱😱

    3. sherly natalia poerniawan

      are they talking about pineapple nastar?

    4. Jacinta Nungky

      I think this cookie called 'Nastar' in Indonesia

    5. Thasha Monique


    6. Taamz Heart

      have to get that 10 minutes lol but i love you guys n the video so it’s okay

    7. Taamz Heart

      just follow the recipe first oml that was a little frustrating tbh

    8. Taamz Heart

      i don’t like cookies

    9. Misscdianne 07

      Is the dough called sablé? The ingredients used were the same. The cookie i mean. Is it called sablé?

    10. Joshua Loh

      But pineapple tart is not really flakey

    11. Joshua Loh

      Wait shes singaporean?

    12. Luna Sutisna

      My country called it "nastar" tho

    13. Gacha Banna

      i am from singapore and I LOVE pineapple tarts too!

    14. Mustxqim

      Niki was from Singapore???woahhh hello from SG!!

    15. Dashy Cat!

      8:35 it’s a reference to Rie’s fancy Ramen challenge “Make it Fancy! ♪”

    16. Evan Bartholomew

      Rie reminds me a lot of the girl chef off of Ratatouille

      1. Katwoodz


    17. goldie tan

      Its just nastar, duh.

    18. sarah brandom

      rie, will you do an episode on Hawaiian dishes... specifically poke. and spam masubi??

    19. Shabrina Sabri

      Its similar with my mom recipes! In Indonesia we called it NASTAR (cookie with pineapple jam filling) Our family always make it every year when Moslem Ied Mubarak❤

    20. Reijy

      "cookie fiend" i love it.

    21. Pavan Thambireddy

      Fun:fact, the enzymes in pinnacles break down meat, which means while you eat pinnaple, pinnaple eats you

    22. PaintingGalaxies

      rest in cookies Niki. we shall miss you. FREAKIN BUZZFEED-

    23. Basila

      this is actually one of the cutest tasty video :"

    24. Andrea Jiménez

      The enzyme pineapple has is called Bromelain, it breaks down proteins. That's why when you eat pinneapple it can sting your mouth.

    25. Shadow Looker

      She looked like she was gonna cry near the end

    26. Hashifa Salsabilla

      Okay, its called nastar here :v But its on cool way/?

    27. Shxrtie Edits

      I know these! Know I can make them!! :D

    28. Yidris

      Final....... Solution....

    29. Hey Hey

      I found something similar in an Asian market but instead it was two flower shaped cookies with pineapple jam in the middle

    30. M G

      I loved how they did the intro

    31. Pallavi Dass

      Yes Pineapple has an Enzyme that breaks down flesh, that's why I get cuts on ur tongue

    32. Malou Cavallaro

      You stole Claire's show

    33. SoulfulSins

      Rie is the goat

    34. Ocean Anaimates

      Your Chinese too?! YASSSSSS!!!!

    35. L H

      The one dude is the Asian Andrew from the Worth It team.

    36. Lucy Oxborrow

      I am DEFINITELY going to try these, they’re so cute!!

    37. Stefan Sarrazin

      Prefer bon appétit

    38. CptSarmiento Team Rocket

      I would date Rei and treat her right if I could.. a man can only dream

    39. Dea Gratia Saragih

      Ini nastar ga sih? We call it nastar in Indonesia.. and i really love it, i cant stop when i'm eating it, lol

    40. Sara Denise Perez

      So different from watching Niki and Garrett together.

    41. Sara Denise Perez

      I wonder if Niki and Rie stayed in touch...

    42. Peaches

      Aww so nostalgic to see this. When I was growing up I used to hang around a lot at my aunt's who lovesss to bake and I remember rolling the pineapple jam fillings in my hand to make the tarts, my cousin and I would have a silent competition of who can roll the fastest haha great times

    43. Amnxy

      Ríe: don’t touch too much (lmao - my inner kid mind was touching the dough)

    44. GoldenWisp

      I could feel that aunt judging them when they didn't cream the butter

    45. Byron JR

      Ríe is The Best

    46. Rose Chan

      I wish I got so many ingredient. They just make new one after new one until it’s right. Me just one time failure = not making anymore lol. Seems like unlimited ingredients

    47. Shiroko Chan

      Ooohh!! We have those cookies here. But we usually put cheese on top of the tart, and the dough usually cover all the pineapple. And we use fresh pineapples here (because they’re pretty cheap) and use a loooot more sugar. 🥰

    48. Althea Jala

      What the girl say "diko sinasadya" ? 6:02 Filipino language

    49. ellyana 1458

      You're from Singapore???!?!?!!!?!!?

    50. Idiot_ on_the_internet

      I kinda don't like pineapple tarts.

    51. Hacked Dogg

      yo what kind of eyebrows are those

    52. Mari Mano

      Ooh baby what are those brows

    53. sandra w

      rie is a sweetheart she deserves everything, always smiling, so kind and talented i LOVE HER

    54. Diya Mehta

      Niki and Rie's old woman plan 😭😭💙💙

    55. TheElement OfFyre


    56. Banira

      Bon Apetite much?

    57. Kris  Koh


    58. MelodieXD Roblox

      OMG I’m also from Singapore 🇸🇬 I thought I was the only one 😂🇸🇬

    59. من الله الى الله

      This is so cute n sweet recreating childhood memories

    60. Orlythia Sall

      Isnt that... nastar? wkwk

    61. SlimeBuoy88 Gamerz

      I hate when that lesbian not rie eats,her mouth sticks out like stupid when she eats eww DISGUSTING

    62. Mabel Yap

      You're from Singapore !!!!! Me too

    63. Cassandra Tay

      I’ve got a whole box of it sitting in front of me haha

    64. n_i_c_hole _ar_my

      omg singapore? im from singapore too :D

    65. Gracie Foong


    66. hydro GEN


    67. Kinara Basdennn

      itu mah nastar gaes

    68. End & And

      My ideal Pineapple tart is a buttery tart with a GENEROUS AMOUNT of filling!

    69. sugi ang

      I loveeee pineapple tart I can't imagine leaving those delicious treats but it looks different

    70. Sophie Rose

      I love how much these cute lil cookies brought so much joy to you guys it makes me want to make them

    71. audhia firdaus

      "Do you think you can find me?" "Oh, I will" How sweet it is to hear

    72. Hackenzie Wan

      Luckily, I knew how to make this cookies 😂

    73. Palmy Ng

      Meh love u I live at Singapore too

    74. TheNamesJanet

      Niki: who am I...? “Okay” Rie: ...Okay

    75. Justin Lee

      Does anyone else wants to see Rie on Chopped?! MF QUEEN

    76. Mia MCDONNELL

      YESSS!! I FRICKING LOVE pineapple tarts!!

    77. A Odd person

      Singapore! :)

    78. Heyitz Unisha


    79. danar gumilang

      We call it Nastar in here, Indonesia!

    80. Putri Kartika Sinaga

      Bon Appetit knock off?

    81. megan eva Lee #1

      Who here is from Singapore?

    82. Grace Tan


    83. gbbyknsx


    84. USG SNS


    85. Rui Qi See Toh

      Yea for pineapple tarts!

    86. jolin ngo

      can y’all try making hi-chew 🥴

    87. seo mary


    88. cute gally

      rie’s fckn annoying just follow the recipe!!!!!

    89. Johanif D

      Rie = Claire

    90. hlp215

      It only makes me wonder if Niki and Rie knew about the layoffs when they made this video 😔

    91. Nyoman Feby

      In indonesia we call that cookie "nastar" my mom make the best nastar 👌

    92. Sartika Mega

      Its a Nastar in Indonesia

    93. Fakhriyah Fatin

      I don't like pineapple tart but I don't know why I'm still watching this

    94. mrmememan

      people here are making cookies for fun and im here having trouble making cereal. ;-;

    95. 1000 subs with 0 vids

      So cringe it made me uncomfortable

    96. Shelia Law

      Pineapple tarts are nice but I’m so sick of it especially after eating a lot during Chinese New Year omggg

    97. Shelia Law

      NIKI IS A SINGAPOREAN??? WTF I DIDNT KNOW. Hello fellow singaporeannn. How’s US citizenship?

    98. Nadh Pisyo

      In Malaysia, it was called 'tat nenas' 😍 I really love it and I eat it every Aidilfitri . One of my fav kuih Raya

    99. Pooches Den

      rie is the cutest! and i love rie and nikis iconic duo! ^.^

    100. Star power 1234

      Did she ever give the final recipe