Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

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    Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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    1. Adii S

      I'll keep my s8, back when I switched from s6 edge to s8 I expected a whole new level of leap instead I got disappointed, ain't gonna do the same mistake again.

    2. Hari Khadka

      I would have preferred e version if it was snapdragon instead of exynos

    3. Michelle Xilotl

      I’m currently using an iPhone 6. I’m going to buy the s10. I only really use the fingerprint sensor and the camera (just zooming in and out). I also don’t do a variety of things on my phone.

    4. Septic Sage

      Is that a tesla flame thrower😅

    5. xShrimpii

      I would want fortnite and markass brownlee

    6. Dave Fogel Golf

      Is the notification light still there?

    7. jacksonionh

      Am I the only one who never liked the curved sides of the galaxy phones? I miss the flat face.

    8. poopoo peepee

      Why am I still seeing unsymmetrical bezels my God what an L

    9. Joel Louis

      How do they get the phones so far

    10. Steve Aldous DJ mixes

      Great video my friend! This smartphone looks lush! I was considering other android phones to upgrade to but this has got to be the best! Looks like I'll be trading in my S9+ 🙄😜😎

    11. Barry Spirt

      I can't be the only person who thinks a teardrop notch looks better

    12. Mr.B0ND

      Can the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor give you cancer?

    13. Arquel Cudia

      I need a 12gb of ram and 1TB internal memory

    14. Rampage T

      *GOTTA GET IT*

    15. Madgamer8206 _

      I want to buy the s10 plus so I'm gonna get twitch affiliate and my mum will hopefully let me get it🤞

    16. Yoav Godelnik

      You are the man

    17. Michael Huynh

      Thank you for a great video! Its clear, well spoken, and detailed!

    18. Michał Korczewski

      I'd love it. Shame it has stuff like Bixby and other Samsung apps.

    19. TheDragonDelasangre

      I have an S8+ and it's my first and only Samsung phone. I hate it to be honest. I wish Motorola was still making good phones. I'll probably wait till this dies even though this might be the last time I see such a good trade in offer for my aging tech.

    20. Ivan Yoguez

      5G?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf great

    21. allen 11

      How much is the price, I have 18 $ in my wallet.. it's my 2 months collection ..

    22. Gabriel Gaioti

      Just bought my Redmi Note Pro 6, and for once I'm not thirsty for a new Smartphone launch, although I would never have the money for something like this... :3👌

    23. Enchanted Wig

      Apple has some competition this year....

    24. lilcash2020

      Samsung always copycats steeling ideas from other companies 😳 power sharing was last year Huawei mate 20pro

    25. JumpSSter

      This is the ugliest things I've seen in a while

    26. Dude Dude

      I really imagine thats the back of the phone

    27. Y D

      LOL, makes me so happy with my S9+.

    28. DroidGeek PH

      OMG! There's a hole on the screen. 🤪

    29. DjCatani

      1000$+ price tag??? Pffff.... Xiaomi Mi9... here I come

    30. Triple X Ben

      I have the S8 and im happy With the 64gigs

    31. Бахрам Байрамзаде

      1TB😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I have a 128GB SSD on my MacBook Air 13 2017😂😥 And... OnePlus One 64GB.

    32. Alepter Z.

      Watching thru my galaxy s2

    33. RandomLonelyPerson

      The dislikes are from salty Apple users

    34. LOLerART

      My b day is today

    35. wkwk land


    36. Frog-E

      Oh yeah yeah

    37. Eathams

      Why punish the plus users with a huge selfie cam cutout?

    38. martin jean

      Kardashians grew up near 5G antennas

    39. John Eriksson

      You always forget to mention that the rest of the world will have the exynos version of the phone! Don't forget about us non americans.

    40. AK Leader

      From showroom to your hand 😅😌

    41. java mafia 1960

      Samsung: blasted off to Mars. Apple: still confused on how to remove the notch 😂

    42. Naomi D

      Omgggg I've been waiting on this

    43. Prank Weekly

      Hardly worth the upgrade from The mate 20 pro sorry Samsung 😂

    44. Paul OregonUSA

      The more ram a phone has the longer it will last

    45. MistaDavey Teromene

      Well from what I saw and heard this is so much like the future mobile just somethingelse

    46. cecilia ramlochan

      I'm not a big fan of cameras will go for a s9 or so plus

    47. Sean McCarthy

      no one cares iphones are better

    48. Vocaality

      Time to upgrade when I have enough money !

    49. Mateusz Ptaszyński

      I have only 3 questions: 1. Where is Iris scanner? 2. Where is notification LED? 3. Where is 3D touch home button?

    50. JhonZinc

      No one: Samsung fanboys: apple is so trash haha, only STUPID people buy iphones

    51. Rayden Vaughan Montes

      Watch Unbox Therapy or MKBHD first? Trick Question Always MKBHD.

    52. ivan vera cruz


    53. Mark Keller

      The Note10 is gonna be a monster!

    54. steinlegend

      i have been a samsung user for about 6 years now, the phone im currently on is a s9+ and i havent been liking the performance of it compared to other flagship smartphones, its laggy and choppy after some months of use and that has been the same thing for my entire experience with samsung. now i was looking forward to buy the iPhone XS but this beatiful phone just launches and now im very confused about wich one i should get but im worried ill have the same laggy experience with samsung again can i would like if someone helped me with that decision. (i want to flex my phone too)

    55. Stefan Poluga

      Literally the best reviews channel on the internet.

    56. 10,000 subs with no videos

      Who else has s9

    57. nsndnd djdj

      Time to buy a S9. Oh shit there's a S10 now oh ma gawddddddddd. Time to buy a iPhone 10 but wait which one? My head's fucked oh ma gawddddddddd

    58. Stuffy Pancake

      I've definitely seen the "ultra Sonic fingerprint sensor" in another phone and Samsung saying that they were first has me questioning if they did something slightly different for attention

    59. aquinxy

      i dont like the cutout, maybe it will grow on me

    60. MistaDavey Teromene

      I'm wondering if It has face ID . Or facial unlock because it's my favorite unlocking security option and not fingerprint

    61. Kiei Luahi

      If they called it the ''X'' it would be the SX. And the E version would be the SEX.

    62. DON'T MIND ME

      ƴ✿µ උAǸ'† උ✿pƴ AǸd pA$†㉫ †ħÏ$ ʙ㉫උAµ$㉫ ✿ƒ †ħ㉫ ƒ✿Ǹ† Lets see who’s phone can!😂

    63. Zerko Squad

      iPhone is better

    64. Samson

      Phone is sleek..

    65. O D

      came here to see if he complains about the hole like he did on every phone that had the notch. maybe paid to say nice things about the hole.

    66. Karlo Tee

      The problem with samsung even their mid range phone and budget phones are expensive. To iys predecessor they are way off beat like vivo oppo xiaomi and Huawei. I myself choose those midrange phone which is cheaper than Samsung.

    67. Just that Guy

      All this but they can’t good quality on snapchat and Instagram Only reason that’s holding me back from getting Samsung

    68. ReXShunji

      One UI is a perfect example of applied design thinking. Sad that Apple is late on this.

    69. Doctor Beast

      What's the song playing in the intro

    70. Bogdan Maries


    71. Imran Ali

      Apple has left the universe

    72. Denis Protopopov

      Turned off as soon as heard the prices

    73. Daniel Christopher

      The new colors are nice and also flashy which is understandable but I'd like to see a beach sand cream or chocolate brown just to give that elegant sense of class.

    74. Joel Maclawson

      Got to sell my iPhone 8!

    75. Baby On Microwave

      Oh yeah yeah

    76. gang gang gang gang

      This will be diffucult for Apple to top🔥

    77. Rane

      Finally I'll be able to afford the s6

    78. Sandro Sauer

      Guess people like Chrome, so Samsung just helps those people out.

    79. Michael Huml

      Samsung galaxy s10 looks amazing. Coming from a iPhone user

    80. youwannaseesomemagic

      them look good but damn, samsung has the ugliest logo in the history

    81. Nico Barendse

      Damn, this is beautiful and impressive. Been waiting for the video all day here in South Africa. Respect to Samsung!!

    82. Salvador Ramos

      Maybe the Samsung model you couldn't touch or turn on is maybe the next Note? 🤔

    83. Dr Revolution

      I want to buy a new smartphone ... Is the Mate 20 Pro or the normal S10 better? Which one would you choose?

    84. L-Y3T

      2:08 yes it is!

    85. Brian Evans

      _Samsung Note 9 left the chat_

    86. Flavius Zeddies

      I like that boring flamethrower in the background.

    87. Matt Garcya

      its already better than the newest iPhone

    88. leospeedleo

      I would buy one S10+ immediately if they didn't want 1.400$ in Europe for 512GB and ceramic. 128GB and glass would be perfectly fine for me as I don't even get my 64GB S8+ filled up half but it's not available.

    89. ItzGelert

      Fortnite And Marques Brownlee

    90. I-fŌrGöT mY_nÃm3

      I hate the vertical recent apps page on the One UI. I hated it in the iPhone and still hate it here. Other than that I might consider picking this up. I'm due for a huge upgrade from my Moto Z2 Force

    91. Teymur Karayev

      Great, now you can smudge the front camera when pulling the menu front the upper corner.

    92. Gibran Ali

      Looking at this video from my iPhone😂

    93. Paul Denino

      “Maybe you have a habit of bragging about how much RAM you have...” Yeah, Indians. Fucking curry munchers love to stroke their Samsung’s cock

    94. TheOresCam

      Mark ass brownie

    95. Jon Paul

      Why are u holding a s10e

    96. 69 indomie

      I l0v3 1t

    97. Heri Rodimus

      Nice gun Washington 1:43🤣

    98. Bason Journe

      Subscribe to pewdipie

    99. Namo Loke

      Who is watching from an s8

    100. xX-Faxe_TfueXx Employee

      *Apple is scraping the new iPhone ideas*